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“Noah´s Ark” is the first investment coin issued by the Central Bank of Armenia. The coin is a legal tender in the Republic of Armenia at its nominal value. The Noah´s Ark is the most expressive symbol of the Armenian history. The legend of the Great Flood and the Noah´s Ark is well known all over the world. For centuries representatives of different nations have been looking for the Noah´s Ark at the top of the Mountain Ararat. Even today there are "factual" evidences of existence of the Noah´s Ark.
Issue of the “Noah´s Ark” investment coin and its acquisition by investors, numismatists and collectors around the world, will widely promote recognition of the Armenia's ancient history and cultural values.
The Central Bank of Armenia has granted the right of striking, advertising, marketing and selling the “Noah´s Ark” silver investment coins to the German GEIGER EDELMETALLE GmbH. The company is engaged in precious metals mining, as well as production of bullion and investment coins made of gold, silver and platinum of various weights. It is one of the leading companies to carry out sale of precious items in the international market.
The “Noah´s Ark” silver investment coin is made of 99.9% silver. The coin is expected to be produced in 1/4, 1/2, 1, 5 and 10 ounces, and 1 and 5kg weight variety.
Presently the Central Bank of Armenia does not sell “Noah´s Ark”. The coins obtained elsewhere can be accepted by the Central Bank of Armenia at their nominal value provided that they are authentic, and have maintained their wholeness and weight. To obtain the “Noah´s Ark” investment coin please visit

The Noah's Ark 1/4 Oz Silver Investment Coin

The Noah's Ark 1/2 Oz Silver Investment Coin

The Noah's Ark 1 Oz Silver Investment Coin

The Noah's Ark 5 Oz Silver Investment Coin

The Noah's Ark 10 Oz Silver Investment Coin

The Noah's Ark 1 Kg Silver Investment Coin

The Noah's Ark 5 Kg Silver Investment Coin

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