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The 2017-2018 programme
The programme is designed for the top achievers and upper echelons of central bank officials and private bankers dealing with the practical and analytical aspects of monetary policy and macroeconomic forecasting, credit markets and financial regulation and supervision, and the governance of financial institutions.
The certificate programme also provides participants with the skills in forecasting finance and valuation to apply to current challenges faced by financial institutions. Participants will acquire a fresh perspective and further their expertise through lectures, case studies and computer exercises. The programme is organised by the Central Bank of Armenia (CBA) and co-sponsored by the Netherlands Development Finance Company (FMO).
Upon successful completion of five modules over a two-year period, participants will be awarded a certificate.
  • Classes are taught by distinguished professors, including:
  • Prof dr. James Stock (Harvard Univ)
  • Prof. dr. Florencio Lopez de Silanes (SKEMA B. Sch and U.S.NBER)
  • Prof dr. Jaume Ventura (CREI)
  • Prof. dr. Joseph A. McCahery  Tilburg Univ)
May Session courses
1. Recent Developments in Identification of Structural Shocks in Structural Autoregressions and Dynamic Factor Models
2. The Governance of Banks: Banking and Bankruptcy
3. Valuation in Banking: Part I
  4. FinTech and Regulation
  September Session courses
  5. Banking Regulation and Supervision
  6. Bank Mergers and Acquisitions
  7. Macroeconomics, Credit and Monetary Policy
  8. Valuation in Banking: Part II
  You can find more details about programme in the brochure. 
  Please fill in the registration form and return to us by April 28, 2017.
  For more information please contact us

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