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Structure of the CBA

Structure of the CBA

    Mr. Arthur Javadyan Phone  583 841 Fax  523 852 Email
    Mr. Nerses Yeritsyan Phone 589 611 Fax  523 852 Email
    Mr.Vakhtang Abrahamyan Phone 592 524 Fax 523 852 Email
    Central Bank Board
    Mr. Armenak Darbinyan Phone 592 526 Fax 565 496 Email
    Mr. Oleg Aghasyan Phone 580 368 Fax 523 852 Email
    Mr. Ashot Mkrtchyan Phone 592 552 Fax 523 852 Email
    Mr. Artur Stepanyan Phone 522 528 Fax 523 852 Email
    Mr. Martin Galstyan Phone 592 614 Fax 583 631 Email
       Internal Audit

    Internal Audit Tel: (+374 10) 592580 The tasks of the CBA Internal Audit are as follows: • Assisting the Board and executive management in protecting the Bank and its reputation by independently and objectively evaluating the effectiveness of internal controls, risk management and corporate governance processes. • Providing improvement recommendations if necessary, that are agreed with the management and tracked until their implementation. The CBA Internal Audit is comprised of three divisions: Financial Audit Division, Operational Audit Division, Information Technologies Audit Division.

       General Secretariat

    The CBA General Secretariat Tel: (+374 10) 565496 The tasks of the CBA General Secretariat are as follows: • Staff record-keeping • Documents circulation • CBA vision and strategy development • Board, Department and other sessions organization, protocoling and control over the protocolled instructions • Working with secret documents • CBA annual report preparing • Protocol events organization • CBA staff training programs and business trips organization • Translation of materials published by CBA The CBA General Secretariat is comprised of: Protocol Division, Document circulation Division, Personnel Register Division, First Division, Strategic planning and Analysis Division, External Relations and Training Service, Visitor Center.

       Human Resources Management Department

    Human Resources Management Department Tel. (+37410) 592630 The main tasks of the Human Resources Management Department are as follows: • Development and implementation of Human Resources Management policy • Planning of the personnel and strategic management of Human resources • Recruitment of the CBA vacant positions and collection of young specialists • Job evaluation and classification • Development of salary structure • Development of the performance appraisal system • Elaboration of the CBA staff training and development policy as well as evaluation of training results • Development and implementation of social benefits policy

    Head Mrs. Gayane Khachatryan Phone 592 630 Fax 561 401 Email
       Monetary Policy Department

    Monetary Policy Department Tel: (+374 10) 592890 The tasks of the Monetary Policy Department are as follows: • Development of monetary policy aimed at inflation targeting and financial system stability • Conducting macroeconomic analyses and forecasting under the inflation targeting strategy • Expanding and consistently developing the main monetary policy model • Effectively communicating the monetary policy to the public providing transparency and publicity • Development of macroeconomic policy programs in cooperation with the RA government and coordination of monetary and fiscal policies while implementing the program • Development of currency policy and legislation The Department is comprised of four divisions: Monetary and Fiscal policy analysis division, External sector analysis and forecasting division, Macroeconomic forecasting division, Real sector analysis and forecasting division.

       Financial Department

    Financial Department Tel: (+374 10) 545083 The main tasks of the Financial Department are as follows: • International Reserves Management • Monetary policy implementation • Identification, evaluation, control and reducing of all types of risks arising in the process of international reserves management The Department is comprised of four divisions: Monetary Policy Operations Divisions, Foreign Markets Operations Division, International Risks Management Division, Internal Risks Management Division.

    Head Mr. Arman Potikyan Phone 592 618 Fax 542 583 Email
       Financial Monitoring Center

    Financial Monitoring Center Tel: (+374 10) 545088, 592570 The main tasks of the Financial Monitoring Center are as follows: • Implementation of efficient mechanisms for combating money laundry and terrorism financing • Representing Republic of Armenia in the international organizations engaged in the area of combating ML/TF • Providing the public with information about the negative consequences of ML/TF as well as promoting knowledge development in the area of combating ML/TF. The Center is comprised of four divisions: Legal Support Division, Analytics Division, Information Systems Development Division, International Relations Division.

    Head Mr. Daniel Azatyan Phone 545 088 Fax 545 088 Email
       Financial Supervision Department

    Financial Supervision Department Tel: (+374 10) 567972: The main tasks of the Financial Supervision Department are as follows: • Supervision of financial organisations licensed by the CBA • Disclosure and evaluation of risks to the activity and operations of financial system organizations via different supervisory tools, as well as making suggestions on measures to be taken to prevent those risks • Supervision upon financial organizations in the stage of liquidation The Department includes 11 divisions and one service: Banks Supervision first, second and third divisions, Financial System Competitiveness Analyses Division, Credit Organizations and Pawnshops Supervision Division, Insurance Company Supervision First and Second Divisions, Information Technologies and Payment/Settlement Company Supervision, Securities Market Supervision Division, Corporate Finance Division, Foreign Currency Operations Supervision Division, Information Collecting Regulating and Archiving Service.

    Head Mr. Hrant Suvaryan Phone 589 581 Fax 563 134 Email
       Information and Communication Technologies Department

    Information and Communication Technologies Department Tel: (+37410 592920) The main tasks of the Information and Communication Technologies Department are as follows: • Creation, implementation and development of the CBA intrabank and interbank information and network systems • Creation and development of software applying modern international technologies • Ensuring safe and efficient functioning of the CBA computers software, intrabank and interbank systems, international payment systems and other financial systems, the CBA network and communication and other information systems • Information resources risk analysis and management The Department is comprised of six divisions: Interbank Systems Management Division, Intrabank Systems Management Division, Computer Networks Division, Software Installation and Maintenance Division, Banking Technologies Development Division, Programming division.

    Head Mr. Samvel Arakelyan Phone 542 582 Fax 542 582 Email
       Statistics Department

    Statistics Department Tel: (+374 10) 592560 The tasks of the Statistics Department are as follows: • Collecting, compiling and disseminating economic statistics in compliance with best international standards and methodology • Carrying out surveys to analyse separate economic phenomena • Processing and storing of data provided to Credit and Insurance Registries, development of Credit and Insurance Registries • Evaluating creditworthiness/solvency of non-financial commercial organizations and their rating The Department is comprised of five divisions and the Credit Registry: Monetary and Financial Statistics Division, Data Compilation and Analysis Division, Real Sector Statistics Division, External Sector Statistics Division, Surveys and Analyses Division, Credit Registry.

    Head Mr. Gagik Aghajanyan Phone 592 560 Fax 592 560 Email
       Chief Accountant, Accounting Department

    Accounting Department Tel: (+374 10) 592531 The tasks of the Accounting Department are as follows: • Implementation of CBA accounting in compliance with international and national standards • Development of CBA accounting policy • Preparation of quarterly and annual reports • Planning, implementation, and control of budgeting The Department includes two divisions: Budget Implementation Division, CBA Operations Regulatory Accounting and Reporting Division.

    Head Ms. Marianna Amirbekyan Phone 567 423 Fax 567 423 Email
       Operating Department

    The Operating Department Tel: (+374 10) 589734 The tasks of the Operating Department are as follows: • Recording and implementing clearing of the financial and investment transactions conducted by the CBA in the internal and external markets • Servicing the bank accounts of the CBA clients including the RA government • Establishing correspondent relationships with foreign banks and international organizations • Making interbank settlements serving as a custodian for government bonds The Department is comprised of the following divisions: Customer Service and Operations Settlement Division, Correspondent Accounts Management and Financial Transactions Division.

    Head Mrs. Haykanush Hakobyan Phone 592 971 Fax 580 634 Email
       Legal Department

    Legal Department Tel: (+374 10) 592950 The main tasks of the Legal Department are as follows: • Ensuring the compliance of legal acts enacted by the CBA, as well as conducted transactions and operations with the legislation of the RA • Legal representation of the CBA in the courts of RA and of other states • Legal support of the CBA international cooperation • Licensing and registration of financial institutions subject to supervision by the CBA, registration and certification of financial institution managers • Undertaking preventive or punitive measures with regard to violations discovered as a result of supervision of financial institutions. The Legal Department is comprised of five divisions: Legal Advice and Development Division, Financial Supervision Legal Support Division, Legal Support Division, 2 Licensing and Registration Divisions.

       Financial system stability and Development Department

    Financial Stability and Development Department Tel: (+374 10) 592630 The tasks of the Financial Stability and Development Department are as follows: • Creation and improvement of effective system for ensuring financial stability in the RA • Consistent analysis of Armenian and international financial systems development trends • Identification and evaluation of existing and possible risks that threaten the stability and development of the RA financial system • Conducting research programs oriented to the RA financial system development • Development of conceptual approaches of introduction of new financial institutions, infrastructures, tools, services and technologies as well as their introduction • Oversight of payment systems in the RA The Department is comprised of six divisions: Financial Stability Monitoring and Crises Management Division, Financial System Analyses Division, Financial System Development Division, Payment Systems Oversight Division, Macro prudential Analyses Division, Financial System Forecasting Division.

       Currency Circulation Department

    CBA Money Circulation Department Tel: (+374 10) 561655 The tasks of the CBA Money Circulation Department are as follows: • Regulation of cash circulation area • Organizing and regulating cash circulation, managing the CBA money stocks • Emission of banknotes • Currency examination and combating against money counterfeiting • Servicing the CBA clients at the cash desks • Sorting and counting the cash entered the CBA The CBA Money Circulation Department is comprised of four divisions and three regional cash centers: Money Circulation Regulation and Analysis Division, Currency Emission Division, Currency Examination Division, Cash Operations and Recounting Division, Regional Cash Centers in Goris, Syunik and Dilijan.

    Head Mr. Khachik Khachatryan Phone 589 734 Fax 563 694 Email
       Administrative Department

    Administrative Department Tel: (+374 10) 592800 The main tasks of the Administrative Department are as follows: • Providing the CBA staff with appropriate working conditions • Organizing and monitoring the construction processes and current repair work in the CBA • Implementing the CBA purchasing/procurement processes • Maintenance of equipment and telephone connection • Servicing of protocol events • Maintenance and servicing of CBA vehicles

    Head Mr. Vahagn Khachatryan Phone 592 964 Fax 524 881 Email
       Economic Research Department

    Economic Research Department Tel: (+374 10) 545081 The tasks of the Economic Research Department are as follows: • Application of economic theories in practice in the process of monetary policy development and implementation • Development of scenarios of RA economy development on the long term period • Conducting macro and microeconomic research programs for different economic sectors (real, public, external and financial) • Studying economic theories and international practice on their application in practice

       Public Relations Service

    Public Relations Service Tel: (+374 10) 592780 The tasks of the Public Service are as follows: • Providing official information to the public about the CBA policies • Providing the CBA executive team with daily information distributed in the local and foreign media referring particularly to the banking system • Providing data about CBA to the foreign information agencies and publications • The CBA internet home page development as well as updating and regulating the information in the site

    Head Mr. Harutyun Berberyan Phone 563 761 Fax 563 761 Email
       Financial system regulation Department

    Financial System Regulation Department Tel: (+374 10) 542680 The tasks of the Financial System Regulation Department are as follows: • Enacting legislation for ensuring smooth functioning of financial system organizations subject to CBA supervision and regulation • Development of the RA financial system regulation field in compliance with international standards and criteria (Basel Committee, Euro Directives, etc.) The Department is comprised of four divisions: Banking Sector Regulation Division, Insurance Sector Regulation Division, Securities Market Regulation Division, Payment and Settlement Regulation Division.

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    Head Ms. Zaruhi Barseghyan Phone 592 783 Fax 563 761 Email
       Dilijan Training and Research Centre

    The aim of Dilijan Research and Training center is to: • Launch world-class research works aimed at increasing effectiveness of state economic policies and present research at international seminars and conferences, including in-house • Collect, compile, analyze and disseminate financial and non-financial data and manage proprietary database on Armenian and other small open developing countries • Host visiting researchers and scholars from different countries and institutions • House academic courses on economic and finance disciplines through involvement of internationally prestigious scientific and financial institutions and well-known scientists to build research skill of Armenian researchers and members of the academic community • Run a rigorous Master Program in Economics (in association with the American University of Armenia)

    Mr. Armen Nurbekyan Phone 592 548 Fax  Email
       Consumer Rights Protection and Financial Literacy Center

    Center for Consumer Rights Protection and Financial Education Tel: (+37410) 592 693 The tasks of the Center for Consumer Rights Protection and Financial Education are as follows: • Formulation of efficient systems for consumer rights protection and financial education area; development, implementation and improvement of the policy • Promotion of responsible behavior and fair conduct by financial services providers • Limiting/preventing unfair, deceptive/misleading and abusive conduct by financial system organizations • Formulation and improvement of regulation necessary for consumer rights protection and financial organizations market behavior • Supervision over the consumer rights protection procedures and financial organizations market behavior

       Internal Security Service

    CBA Internal Security Service Tel: (+374 10) 563950 The main tasks of the CBA Internal Security Service are as follows: • Ensuring the safety and security of CBA staff, objects, material values, the Bank building itself by physical means • Organizing the storing process of copies of electronic archives

       Information and Technical Security Department

    The CBA Information and Technical Security Department. Tel: (+37410) 592938 The CBA Information and Technical Security Department tasks are: • Planning, analyzing, implementing and improving the information security system which meets the requirements of international standard “ISO/IEC 27001: Information Security Management Systems” • Ensuring the CBA business continuity • Ensuring civil defense at the CBA • Managing information and other security-related risks at the CBA • Ensuring security of the CBA activities, information, tangible and intangible assets as well as staff by technical means • Coordinating information security planning process and ensuring business continuity of the financial system • Developing information security policy for electronic payment system • Managing information and other security related risks in the electronic payment system The Department is comprised of two divisions and one group: Information Security Management Division, Technical Security Management Division, Security Risks Management Group.

    Corporate Services Department

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