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How to use SOAP functions to get information about CBA rates Function description

Financial System and Control

Payment Organizations

Head of Department: Ishkhan Mkhitaryan
Address: 32/1 G.Njdeh st.,Yerevan,
Tel: 592 222, E-mail:
Organization's license number: 1
Date of issuance of the license: 03.01.2003

Chief, executive officer: Hambardzum Danelyan
Address: Hakob Hakobyan 3, 1st section, 3rd floor, Yerevan
Tel: 060 27 22 22
Organization's license number: 5
Date of issuance of the license: 24.07.2007

Chief, executive officer: Arsen Qdenyan
Address: Nalbandyan 48/1, Yerevan
Tel: 569 707
Organization's license number: 13
Date of issuance of the license: 31.03.2016

Chief, executive officer: Mher Galstyan
Address: Adonts str. 8, territory 171, Yerevan
Tel: 011-26-10-11, 011-24-72-47
Organization's license number: 17
Date of issuance of the license: 04.11.2014

Chief, executive officer: Kim Avanesyan
Address: Argishti str.4/1, Yerevan
Tel: 094 299 620
Organization's license number: 15
Date of issuance of the license: 16.12.2014

Chief, executive officer: Aragats Asatryan
Address: G. Hovsepyan 20, 1st building, 2nd floor, 13 և 14 rooms
Organization's license number: 24
Date of issuance of the license: 20.11.2020

Chief, executive officer: Tigran Frangyan
Address: Azatutyun ave. 24/1
Organization's license number: 26
Date of issuance of the license: 11/23/2021​

Chief, executive officer: Armen Sargsyan
Address: Kanaker-Zeytun, Azatutyan 24 (4th floor)
Organization's license number: 20
Date of issuance of the license: 31.05.2022


Electronic Government of the Republic of Armenia

Financial System Mediator

Armenian Deposit Guarantee Fund

Armenian Card

Armenian Motorinsurers’ Bureau

National Mortgage Company

ACRA Credit Reporting

German-Armenian Fund

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