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Career at CBA


Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia strives to recruit both experienced and young perspective specialists with rich background knowledge, who are competent and at the same time diligent, hardworking and responsible.
The experienced specialists are recruited by means of participating in the competitions based on recruitment advertisements.
The competition comprises the following three stages:
  1. Documentary stage. The Applicants are selected based on the correspondence of data filled in application forms with the job requirements.
  2. Initial evaluation stage. If, on the basis of the application forms more than 4 applicants are selected, they are invited to interview. Successful Applicants then pass to the final evaluation stage.
Prior to the final evaluation, the applicants are asked to take a personal test aimed at revealing the level of competencies required for the given job and needs  of their further development in case the Applicant is chosen to fill in the vacancy.
3. The final evaluation stage: This stage is conducted by the Attestation commission of the Central Bank of Armenia. The commission decides on the form of final examination which can be carried out in the following forms:
a.       Written test. The applicants are given 2 questions (the questionnaire is being attached to the advertisement in the CBA website), 1 case and 3 hours to write the answers to the questions and analyze the case. All written assignments are to be typed on computer.
b.      Interview. The applicants are asked several questions to evaluate their knowledge and the competencies in relevance to the requirements of the given job.
c.       Both, written test and interview.
The applicants are informed about the results of the competition.
Young specialists (people who have higher education but no professional experience) have the opportunity to get a job in the Central Bank after the completion of the 3 months educational program on “Central Bank of Armenia: Introductory Course” being conducted by the Financial Banking College Foundation twice a year. The Attestation Commission of the Bank interviews those participants of the mentioned program who have successfully passed the tests and makes the selection.    

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