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The Central Bank of Armenia invites the students as well as all of those who are interested in conducting research, to take part in Isahak Isahakyan research competition. 
The competition was named in honor of Isahak Isahakyan, the first governor of the Central Bank of Armenia. Till now it has been implemented as a scholarship program engaging students from universities of Armenia and Artsakh. Since 2023 the research competition is open for students of Armenian origin from the overseas universities as well as non-student researchers. 
The goal of the program is to create a community of researchers and bring together people sharing interest in the CBA Research Agenda, who will later be involved in various research initiatives and projects implemented by the Central Bank of Armenia. We also aim at increasing interest towards conducting research among the students and reveal their research potential.

Application deadline: 11/09/2023

Competition procedure:
  • Application and submission of research paper
  • Presentation of the research paper to the Committee (the authors of the selected research papers will be invited to the Central Bank of Armenia to present their research to the Committee)
  • Selection of winners  

Who are eligible
  1. ​Students (at the moment of applying)
  2. Non-student researchers 
​You can take part in the competition submitting both an individual and a team work.


The authors of the selected research papers will be engaged in CBA research initiatives in various ways. Monetary rewards are also there:

Top 3 research papers of the students will be awarded:

  1. 1st place: 1,000,000 AMD
  2. 2nd place: 600,000 AMD
  3. 3rd  place: 400,000 AMD

Top 3 research papers of non-students will be awarded: 
  1. 1st place: 500,000 AMD
  2. 2nd place: 300,000 AMD
  3. 3rd  place: 200,000 AMD
Research Topics

Research topics must be selected in the scope of the CBA Research Agenda.

Research Agenda​ 


  • Research language: Armenian, English
  • The research paper must meet the Chicago style formatting and count up to 7000 words (ca. 15 pages)
  • Plagiarism, presenting someone else’s work as one’s own is not permitted and is considered a serious violation of the rules
  •  The research work must not have been published before
  • The number of co-authors must not exceed 3. In case, the team research is awarded a prize, it will be done in the following way:
            -     If the research work has co-authors, the prize is awarded to the (main) author.
            -     If the author is a student and the co-author is a non-student, then the work competes in the student group and in case of success, the prize gets the student.
            -      If the author is a non-student researcher and a co-author is a student, then the work competes in the non-student group and in case of success, the prize gets the non-student researcher.

How to take part

To take part in the competition you should apply submitting a research paper on a topic included in the CBA Research Agenda. 

In addition​
  • One photo sized 3x4 
  • CV(resume)
  • A document certifying the fact of being a student (for students only)
  • Motivation letter stating the main motivation/reasons for taking part in the competition and choosing the topic(1 page).

To apply please follow the link​:


Electronic Government of the Republic of Armenia

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Armenian Motorinsurers’ Bureau

National Mortgage Company

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