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How to use SOAP functions to get information about CBA rates Function description



Queries or suggestions please refer to the following contacts

Statistics Department of the Central Bank of Armenia
Tel: (+374 10) 592 592 (
extension: 2202)
For the improvement of monetary and financial statistics, the assessment of
new data requirements, and also for the increase of the efficiency of
cooperation with data users, please fill in the
Questionnaire for the Users of Monetary and Financial Statistics:
1. Do you use Monetary and Financial Statistics regularly?
Please comment:
2. Are you satisfied with the coverage of Monetary and Financial Statistics?
Please comment:
3. In general, are you satisfied with Monetary and Financial Statistics in terms of its level of detail?
Please comment:
4. Are you satisfied with the frequency of compilation of Monetary and Financial Statistics (e.g. monthly, quarterly, annual)?
Please comment:
5. In general, do you consider that Monetary and Financial Statistics is disseminated with the appropriate timeliness (e.g. 30 days after the reference period)?
Please comment:
6. Do you know if there is a publicly disseminated calendar on the home page of CBA that announces in advance the dates on which Monetary and Financial Statistics will be disseminated?
Please comment:
7. Can you easily access Monetary and Financial Statistics?
Please comment:
8. Can you easily access information pertaining to Monetary and Financial Statistics you use (explanatory notes, methodological descriptions, references concerning concepts, classifications, statistical practice)?
Please comment:
9. Is the information on methodology sufficiently clear and at an adequate level of detail to be useful to you?
Please comment:
10. How do you access to Monetary and Financial Statistics? (Please check off all relevant formats)
If obtained in other formats, please comment:
11. In your opinion, is the underlying methodology of Monetary and Financial Statistics sound and appropriate?
Please comment:
12. In general, do you consider Monetary and Financial Statistics to be unbiased and accurate?
Please comment:
13. How do you assess the overall quality of Monetary and Financial Statistics? (Please on a scale from 1-5 the overall quality of Monetary and Financial Statistics of Armenia, with 1 rated as poor and 5 as excellent)
14. Additional comments, including areas where you see room for improvement and the need for new datasets

Name (optional), Name of organisation (optional), Position or title (optional), E-mail address, Thank you for your assistance in completing this questionnaire.Please send back to the CBA Statistics Department via the following e-mail

Electronic Government of the Republic of Armenia

Financial System Mediator

Armenian Deposit Guarantee Fund

Armenian Card

Armenian Motorinsurers’ Bureau

National Mortgage Company

ACRA Credit Reporting

German-Armenian Fund

Home for youth