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Regulated Market Operator

The regulated market operator is a joint stock company, which is responsible for arranging the performance of regulated securities market on the basis of a license granted in accordance with the Republic of Armenia Law on Securities Market, ie it organizes a public sale of securities.
The regulated market operator of the can also organize public trading of foreign currency and provide for settlement of reciprocal obligations (requirements) and clearing resulting therefrom. The regulated market operator is able to create a guaranty fund, as and when established under procedures, in order to reduce the risks arising from the trades.
The regulated market operator shall organize the performance of the regulated market in accordance with the local market rules, which are registered by the Central Bank.
Currently, "Armenia Securities Exchange" OJSC  is the only regulated market operator in the Republic of Armenia.
Chief Executive Officer: Hayk Yeganyan
Address: Vazgen Sargsyan str. 26/1, 5th floor, Erebuni Plaza Business Centre, 0010 Yerevan 
Contacts: tel. (+374) 60 69 55 55, fax: (+374) 10 543 321, email:
       License number: 0001
       Date of issuance of the license: 12/2/2008

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