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Financial organizations

Investment companies

"Alphasecurities" LTD
Organization Head:  Gohar Grigoryan
Address:   0025, Charentsi 4 apt. 46, Yerevan
Contact:   Tel:   E-mail:,
TPIN: 01230212 
Organization's license number:  ՆԸ0008
Date of issuance of the license: 6/27/2008
"Incore" CJSC
Organization Head: Michael Broyan
Address: 0002, Byuzand 91, territory No 72, Yerevan
Contact:   Tel:  (+374 12)​ 900 200,  E-mail:, 
TPIN: 02556638 
Organization's license number:  ՆԸ0005
Date of issuance of the license: 6/27/2008
"Tonton" LTD 
Organization Head: Gor Arakelyan
Address: Adonts str. 10, Yerevan
Contact: Tel: (+374 10) 580 262, Fax: (+37410) 545 477,  E-mail:,
TPIN: 00841696 
Organization's license number:  ՆԸ0007
Date of issuance of the license: 6/27/2008
"Future Capital Market" LTD 
Organization Head: Aren Hakobyan
Address: 0009, Byuzand str. building No 1, territory No 50, Yerevan
Contact:Tel: (+374 10) 544 587, Fax: (+37410) 544 587,  E-mail:
TPIN: 00090674
Organization's license number:  ՆԸ0004
Date of issuance of the license: 6/27/2008

"Armbrok" OJSC 
Organization Head: Aram Kayfajyan
Address: 0018, Hanrapetutyan 19, Yerevan
Contact: Tel: (+374 10) 538 700,  E-mail:,,
TPIN: 00450096 
Organization's license number:  ՆԸ0010
Date of issuance of the license: 11/4/2008
"Equiti A M" CJSC
Organization Head: Artak Nahapetyan
Address: 0019, V.Sargsyan 26/1, room No 609, Yerevan
Contact: Tel: 012 240 024, E-mail:, web site:,
TPIN: 02609576 
Organization's license number: ՆԸ0011
Date of issuance of the license: 7/10/2012
"Cube Invest" CJSC  
Organization Head: Armen Ter-Hakobyan
Address: 0010, Amiryan 1, Yerevan
Contact: Tel: 011 800 810, E-mail:,
TPIN: 02657619
Organization's license number:  ՆԸ0013
Date of issuance of the license: 2/3/2017
"Dimension" CJSC  
Organization Head: Levon Movsisyan
Address: 0010, Baghramyan str. building No 2, territory 27/1, Yerevan
Contact: Tel: (+374 10) 545 670
TPIN:  02684222
Organization's license number: ՆԸ0014
Date of issuance of the license: 9/28/2018
"Landmark Capital" CJSC  
Organization Head: Gor Gevorgyan
Address: 0010, Vazgen Sargsyan 10, territory No 118, Yerevan
TPIN:  02695279
Organization's license number:  ՆԸ0016
Date of issuance of the license: 3/29/2019
"G&L Invest" LTD
Organization Head: Gevorg Nalbandyan
Address: Tigran Mets ave. building No 1, trade centre 2/1, Gyumri
TPIN: 05549108
Organization's license number:  ՆԸ0018
Date of issuance of the license: 9/26/2019
"GM Invest" LTD
Organization Head: Vardan Stepanyan
Address: Vardananc str., building No 8, territory 3/2, Yerevan
TPIN: 00222163
Organization's license number:  ՆԸ0019
Date of issuance of the license: 06/05/2020
"AB Invest" LTD
Organization Head: Sergey Tamrazyan
Address: Khorenatsi str. 26A, Yerevan
TPIN: 02831254
Organization's license number:  ՆԸ0020
Date of issuance of the license: 08/28/2020

"Freedom Finance Armenia" LTD
Organization Head: Hovak Hovakimyan
Address: Meliq-Adamyan 2/2, Yerevan
Contact:E-mail:​, Tel:(+374 60) 688 688​
TPIN: 02849661​
Organization's license number:  ՆԸ0021
Date of issuance of the license: 11/09/2021

Organization Head: Vachik Gevorgyan
Address: 26/1 Vazgen Sargsyan, "Erebuni Plaza" business center, 8th floor, office 812, Yerevan
Contact: Tel:(+374 93) 536 354​, E-mail:​
TPIN: ​02871135​
Organization's license number:  ՆԸ0022
Date of issuance of the license: 07/26/2022

Organization Head: Edgar Evoyan
Address: Hanrapetutyan 37, Yerevan
Contact: Tel:(+374 93) 466 630​, ​
TPIN: ​02880788
Organization's license number:  ՆԸ0023
Date of issuance of the license: 11/29/2022

"Meta-X Markets" CJSC
Organization Head: Hayk Harutyunyan
Address: Erebuni Plaza, room No 312, Yerevan
Contact: Tel:(+374 94) 379 934​, ​
TPIN: ​02881583
Organization's license number:  ՆԸ0024
Date of issuance of the license: 12/27/2022

Electronic Government of the Republic of Armenia

Financial System Mediator

Armenian Deposit Guarantee Fund

Armenian Card

Armenian Motorinsurers’ Bureau

National Mortgage Company

ACRA Credit Reporting

German-Armenian Fund

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