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Online trainings were delivered for the representatives of internal monitoring units of financial institutions operating in the RA Back


​During the period from September 17 to 27 the Financial Monitoring Center of the Central Bank of Armenia organized webinars for the representatives of internal monitoring units of banks, investment companies, managers of investment funds, corporate investment funds, the Central Depository, credit organizations, insurance organizations, money value transfer services, pawnshops  and bureaux de change operating in the RA with participation of the representatives of the Financial Supervision Department of the Central Bank of Armenia.

In the framework of the webinar, the following subjects were presented to the participants: 

The preliminary outcomes of the ML/TF/PF national risk assessment;

The Amendments and changes into the Anti-money Laundering and Terrorist Financing law of the RA;

ML schemes;

High risk and suspicion criteria of transactions and business relationships; 

The opportunities and challenges of new technologies within the context of AML/CFT. 

The webinars are aimed at introducing all reporting entities the developments in the sphere of combatting ML/TF and PF and will be organized on a continuous basis.


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