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Monetary and Financial Statistics

The monetary and financial statistics of Armenia is compiled according to the Manual on Monetary and Financial Statistics of Armenia , while standards of collection, compilation and dissemination of monetary and financial statistics are set in the "Statistical Code of Practice" . The monetary and financial statistics is prepared using both the Central Bank data and the reports from entities reporting to the Central Bank. Besides, reports of reporting entities (all entities of the financial sector of Armenia) are used to produce and publish indicators of financial sector.
Continuous works are made towards improvement of reporting forms and development of monetary and financial statistics methodology in accordance with international best standards. When major methodological and other changes are done, data are subject to revisions. Revised data are accompanied with explanatory notes to appropriate tables in the CBA publications. Besides, advance notice of major changes in methodology is usually provided. In general, the CBA monetary statistics revision approach is the following: published data are revised only on quarterly and annual basis. Quarterly and annual data are preliminary when first released and are subject to revisions connected with the inclusion of the results of closing entries in the CBA balance sheet (in case of quarterly data) and with the approval of the CBA financial statements by an independent auditor company (in case of annual data). Quarterly and annual data are revised (become final) respectively in two months and three months after the first release.
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