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According to the article 5(g) of the Law on the Central Bank of RA the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia (CBA), implements collection, compilation and publication of monetary and financial statistics in order to carry out its objectives. Particular tasks in this area include:
  • Collection and compilation of accurate monetary and financial statistics;
  • Provision of accurate, reliable and timely data to the public through statistical publications and website of the Central Bank.
Since 2011 the responsibility for the compilation of the external sector statistics (balance of payments, international investment position and external debt) has been undertaken by the Central Bank of Armenia.To carry out its objectives according to the Law on Central Bank of RA , the Central Bank of Armenia, within the framework of the CBA Board Resolutions and the CBA Chairman Decrees, is engaged in the collection of other sectors statistics (Real , External and Government Sectors) for its internal use. According to the Law of RA on State Statistics the National Statistical Service of RA (NSSA) is officially responsible body for statistics of these sectors of economy, the website of which is
The Central Bank conducts statistical analyses in all four sectors of the economy (smoothing of time series, forecast and classification of economic indicators, calculation of various indices, etc.) and participates in  developing the statistical methodology in accordance with international standards. In order to monitor and evaluate certain economic phenomena, the CBA conducts surveys, in particular to find out expectations of business entities on economic growth and inflation, disclose price-generation mechanisms at enterprises, measure banks' expectations on macroeconomic and financial indicators, evaluate foreign cash held by household, etc.
The Central Bank releases the statistical data through the CBA homepage and the CBA following publications according to advance release calendar :
  • “The Central Bank Bulletin" (monthly)
  • “The Central Bank Statistical Bulletin" (annual).
An important step to the development of Armenia's statistical system was its subscription on November 7, 2003 to the Special Data Dissemination Standard (SDDS) of the IMF ( ), which enables compilation of the participant countries’ statistics on the base of unified  standards. Armenia was the 3rd among the CIS countries and the 54th in the world countries that was joining this system.
The CBA statistical works are coordinated by the Statistics Department of the Central Bank. The Department comprises the Monetary and Financial Statistics Division, the Data Processing Division, the Economic Statistics Development Division, the External Sector Statistics Division, the Surveys and Analysis Division, the Credit Registry.

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