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External Sector Statistics

In the area of external sector statistics, the Central Bank is responsible for the compilation of the Balance of Payments, International Investment Position and External Debt (External accounts) of Armenia. Until 2011 the responsible body for the compilation of External Accounts was the NSSA. In order to realize the 2-nd sub point of the 41-th point of 30-th decree of the Government made in 2009 on 23-th of July, this function has been transmitted to the Central bank after negotiations between Central bank and National statistical service. Although the Central bank is the official compiler of these accounts, the NSSA still remains the main partner agency for compiling these accounts. Particularly the NSSA has compiled and revised all external accounts for 2010. At the same time NSSA will publish annual bulletins of BOP, IIP and ED for 2010. In the future those annual bulletins will be published by the Central bank, but they will be also included in “Socio-economic situation of RA”, “Statistical yearbook of Armenia” and other publications of NSSA. 
Another important issue in the external sector statistics is compilation and dissemination of International Reserves and Foreign Currency Liquidity Template ​. The table is based on the collected information on actual movements in international reserves of the Central Bank, flows affecting these reserves, and expected flows of the reserves. The table is published on a monthly basis. The Central Bank maintains and monitors the timetable for payments of external public debt by individual creditors and by currency composition. This is an important source of information for policy makers. Given a notable increase in the volume of remittances from abroad in recent years, the Central Bank has conducted several surveys aimed at researching the motivation, trends and other factors affecting remittances.
During 2011-2014 the statistical time series of external sector accounts have been revised based on the IMF’s Balance of Payments Manual new edition. Simultaneously the time series have been revised in order to be consistent with the current method of compilation, as well as some miscalculations have been corrected.  Some accounts are still subject to revision, on which research will be carried out in the next few years.  For more detailed information on revision see the notice “Revision of Time Series of Balance of Payments of RA (in Armenian)”.
Statistical Data
Balance of payments (BOP), international investment position (IIP) and external debt (ExD) of RA by BPM 6 methodology.


Other indicators of external statistics 



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