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Securities market


  1. Regulation 4/01 “On Registration and Licensing of Investment Companies; Registration of Branches and Representative offices of Investment Companies and Foreign Investment Companies; Procedure for Obtaining Preliminary Consent for Qualifying Holding in Statutory Capital of Investment Companies; Presentment of Business Plan by Investment Companies; and Notice of Provision of Investment Services by Banks and Credit Organizations”
  2. Regulation 4/02 on Main Prudential Standards, Their Limits, Calculation, Composition of Elements in Calculation, the Extent of Breaches of Stated Prudential Standards of Investment Companies
  3. Regulation 4/03 On "Reports Submitted to the Central Bank by Persons providing Investment services, Procedure, Form and Periods on Their Submission“
  4. Regulation 4/04 on Prospectus and Reports of The Reporting Issuers 
  5. Regulation 4/05 on The Qualification of Managers of Persons Providing Investment Services, the Operator and the Central Depositary and Natural Persons Providing Investment Services, Their Professional Compliance Criteria and the List of Topics for Qualification Test  
  6. Regulation 4/07 on Requirements on Investment Services Providers’ Activities​
  7. Regulation 4/08 on the Procedure of Public Disclosure of Reports, References, Explanatory notes and Other Such Documents Submitted to the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia for Purposes of Performing Off-site Supervision Over Supervised Entities in the Securities Market and Exceptions to the Requirement of Public Disclosure of these Documents
  8. Regulation 4/09 on Criteria Presented to The Person Conducting Audit of Financial-Economic Activities of Reporting Issuer
  9. Regulation 4/10 on Composition of Securities Tender Offer Statement, Procedure of Publication of Tender Offer and Amendments of Conditions of Tender Offer, Procedure of Calculation of Tender Offer Market Price, Procedure of Mandatory Tender Offer in Case of Revocation of Permission of Securities to Trade in The Regulated Market, Procedure of Execution of Any Public Tender Offer or Advice on Acceptance or Refusal of Securities Tender Offer
  10. Regulation 4/12 “Rules on Protection of Liquidity of Customers of Persons Providing Investment Services”
  11. Regulation 4/15 “Reporting and disclosure of acquisition, increase or decrease of participation in the statutory capital of reporting issuer”
  12. Regulation 4/17 "Criteria for the Existence of Cases of Price Manipulation, CircumstancesServing as a Basis for Recording Cases of Price Manipulation, Cases and Actionsnot Amounting to Price Manipulation"​​
  13. Regulation 4/18 “Regulations of derivative financial instruments”
  14. Regulation 4/20 on “Procedure and terms of registration of derivative financial transactions, procedure and terms of repository maintenance, submission, storage and provision of information”
  15. Regulation 5/01 on Registration and Licensing of the Regulated Market Operator, the Rules for Obtaining a Preliminary Consent to Acquire Significant Participation in Statutory Capital of the Regulated Market Operator, the Rules, Forms and Terms for Submitting the Business Plan 
  16. Regulation 5/02 on registration and licensing, rules for obtainingpreliminary consent for acquisition of qualifying holding in the statutorycapital of the Central Depository, rules, form and terms for submission ofbusiness plan​ ​
  17. Regulation 5/03 on Reports of Regulated Market Operator to be Submitted to the Central Bank, Submission Procedure, Forms and Terms
  18. Regulation 5/04 on Reporting by Central Depository to the Central Bank, Procedure, Forms and Terms
  19. Regulation 5/05 on Procedure of Reporting by Regulated Market Operator to The Central Bank of Violations Committed by Regulated Market Participants and Reporting Issuers
  20. Regulation 5/06 on Volume and Publication Procedure of Information on the Website by Regulated Market Operator
  21. Regulation 5/08 "Reports to be submitted to the Central Bank by the registrat of participants of the funded pillar: reporting procedure, contents and periodicity thereof"
  22. Regulation 5/09 “Types of Additional Activities Carried Out by the Central Depository, Terms and Conditions of their Implementation”
  23. Regulation 5/10 "The procedure of centralized registry maintenance and custody of securities"
  24. Regulation 5/15 “Procedure for Registry Maintenance of Mandatory Pension Funds Participants and Account Operators Activity”
  25. Regulation 8/03 on Information Publication by Banks, Credit Organizations, Insurance Companies, Insurance Brokers, Investment Companies, Central Depository and Payment and Settlement Organizations Implementing Money Remittances
  26. Regulation 8/04 on Minimum Conditions and Principles for Internal Rules, Regulating the Procedure of Examination of Complaints/Claims of Customers
  27. Regulation 33 on Custodial Activities of Securities
  28. Resolution 114-N on Approval of Guideline on Acquisition of Qualified or Other Holding in Bank or Holding Position of Manager of a Bank, Acquisition of Qualified Holding in Insurance Company or Holding Position of Manager in Insurance Company or Responsible Official of Insurance Brokerage Company, Acquisition of Qualified Holding in Investment Company, Regulated Market Operator, Central Depository or Holding Position of Mmanager 
  29. Resolution no 142 on approval of the procedures “on underwriting of the short-term, mid-term and long-term government (treasury) coupon bonds of the republic of armenia, organization of the repurchase auction and the repurchase and servicing of repayment”, “on custody activity of the government bonds of the republic of armenia”, “on implementation of activities, related to the pledge of government bonds of the republic of armenia”, “on the coding of account numbers, applied in the system of accounting and settlements of government bonds”, “on circulation of government bonds of the republic of armenia in the secondary market”, “on minimum requisites of the documents, used in the operations with government bonds”​

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