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Payment services


  1. Regulation 16/1 on the Procedure and Conditions for Granting, Suspending and Terminating Permission to Issue Electronic Money, and Requirements for Electronic Money Issuers 
  2. Regulation 16/2 on Order and Conditions of Issuance and Servicing (circulation) of Electronic Money, Requirements for Conducting Transactions in Electronic Money
  3. Regulation 17/01 “Licensing of Payment and Settlement Organizations, Registration of Branch Offices; Qualification of Managers of Payment and Settlement Organizations, Requirements to Payment and Settlement Organizations for Technical, Software and Safety Adequacy at their Premises; Register of Activity License to Payment and Settlement Organizations; Information Contained in the Register”
  4. Regulation 17/02 “Regulation of Activities of Payment and Settlement organizations, Prudential Standards of Payment and Settlement Organizations, Procedure of their Calculation
  5. Regulation 17/03 “Statements of Payment and Settlement Organizations: Submission and Publication”
  6. Regulation 17/09 on “Cashoperations at payment and settlement organizations operating in the territoryof the Republic of Armenia”​ 
  7. Regulation 18 “Issuing Permitto Establish and Operate Armenian Payment and Settlement Systems”​ ​
  8. Regulation 19 “Granting Permission to Participate in Foreign  Payment and Settlement Systems; the List of Changes to Foreign  PSS Operational Rules and Documents reportable to the Central Bank of Armenia; Foreign  PSS Criteria; and Running of Registry”
  9. Regulation 19.1 “Rules of Cooperation betweenArmenian and Foreign Money Transfer Payment and Settlement Organizations”​
  10. Resolution 294 on Defining the Moment of Entry of a Payment Document Into a Payment System and Irrevocability of a Payment Order 
  11. Resolution 18-N on Procedure on Execution of Transfers by Regular Payment Orders in the Republic of Armenia   
  12. Resolution 97-N on Procedure on Transfer of Funds Through Direct Debit in the Republic of Armenia 
  13. Resolution 105-n on participation of the commercial banks, operating within the territory of the republic of armenia, in the overseas payment-settlement systems of implementation of money remittances without opening banking accounts​
  14. Resolution 300-N on Procedure of issuing, acquiring and distribution of payment cards, as well as performing operations with payment cards within the territory of the Republic of Armenia
  15. Resolution 178-n on approval of regulation on “coding system for the central bank of the republic of armenia payment and settlement system or information system participants, as well as customer accounts structure” and repealing resolution n 394 of the board of the central bank of the republic of armenia dated december 5, 2002​ 
  16. Resolution 187-n on approval of regulation on “maximum time limits for transfer of funds in the territory of the republic of armenia” and repealing resolution n 96 of the board of the central bank of the republic of armenia dated april 25, 2000​
  17. "On Approval of the Guideline On Endangering the Stability and/or Liquidity and/or Solvency of the Financial System in the Republic of Armenia as a Result of Participation in Foreign Payment and Settlement System” ​

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