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Under the Republic of Armenia Law on “Securities Market”, issuer is the party that issues (has issued) securities or that makes an offer for issuing securities on its behalf.
The issuance of securities by the issuer involves a complex of actions which give rise to the creation of a general group of securities of the same class. The issuance of securities which is based on the same decision of the issuer but has different periods of time (different series) is treated as one issuance.
An issuer is considered a reporting issuer the security of any class issued by which is permitted to the trade in the regulated market in the Republic of Armenia.  
As of 31/12/2010 there have been 15 issuers, including reporting issuers, in number.
As of 31/12/2010 the total volume of bonds issued has amounted to AMD 4.400.000.000. The volume of securities issued and traded on the ASE has amounted to AMD 33.947.532.000. 

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