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Message from the Chairman of the Central Bank of Armenia

Central banks in transition economies have benefited much from the wide-scale technical assistance provided regularly by international donor community. For majority of such banks it still remains a basic source for seeking high expert advice and covering its staff training issues. The technical cooperation of the CBA with international donor institutions and cooperating partner banks have expanded successfully over past two decades to have its solid contribution to and strong impact on banking and financial sector of Armenia.

During this period, hundreds of our staff members attended the training courses provided by the training centers of foreign financial institutions and central banks. In this respect, the Central Bank of Armenia has a fruitful cooperation with such esteemed institutions as: the Netherlands Bank, JVI, IMF Washington Institute, CCBS of the Bank of England, the Deutsche Bundesbank, Bank of France, the BIS, the National Bank of Switzerland, the Czech National Bank, National Bank of Poland, the Financial Stability Institute, Toronto Center and etc.

As time moved on and Armenia progressed ahead, the CBA’s commitment to place up-to-date structured policies and procedures and undertake adequate measures to achieve its core objectives become stronger. The need in general training topics dealing with fundamental issues of market economy, bank restructuring and modernization that the CBA was requesting at its initial stage of reforms are transformed into rather specific one, tailored to address ad hoc particular central bank issues and urged to be practically beneficial from its applicability standpoint.

I am grateful to our cooperating partners who always make their best to meet our challenging needs.

The CBA recorded positive achievements in terms of hosting and organizing international format seminars in Armenia. We are proud of hosting seminars and workshops of the US Federal Reserve System, Toronto Center, Asian Development Bank, Financial Stability Institute on annual basis. These events tend to draw together the central bankers from different countries to facilitate information sharing, exchange of best practices, as well as facing the challenges.

Our experts are actively involved in providing consultations, seminars and workshops for the Central/National Banks of the Eurasian Economic Community as well as other central/national banks of the CIS countries, by sharing their best practices and experience achieved in different areas of financial sector.

We have further going plans on strengthening facilities for and increasing regional cooperation events for this year. Accomplishments achieved during these past years encourage us to seek efficient ways and opportunities for bringing the cooperation with respective financial institutions to a new stage. The success of such cooperation is mainly conditioned by the following key factors:
  • Willingness of the bank to improve itself and enhance its capacity building;
  • Become a learning organization and provide knowledge management to keep pace with changes and adopt international best practices;
  • Stand ready to share achieved experience with partners.
Taking this opportunity, I would like to extend my gratitude to all our cooperating partners for their valuable support and encourage you to actively participate in the events organized by the CBA for further saturation of your knowledge and skills. Look forward to welcoming you in Armenia.

  Chairman of the Central Bank of Armenia
  Arthur Javadyan

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