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Main Monetary Indicators (12-month growth, %)
Money Base4/202116.67
Broad Money4/202113.31
Claims on economy4/202110.47
Deposits of residents4/202112.77
Interest Rates (%)
Deposits from the economy in AMD4/20218.26
Loans to economy in AMD4/202111.7
Gross Domestic Product
Nominal GDPIII/20211900549.8
GDP Real growth rate over the same periodIII/2021102.66
IEA (to the same period of the previous year)11/2021113.2
IEA (to the same period of previous year)11/2021105.2
Sector statistics
Industrial production, mln drams 12/2021137338.3
Industrial production real growth index, over the same period of the previous year12/202189.2
Gross agricultural output, mln drams12/20210
Consumer Price Index (CPI), %
Consumer price index compared to the same period of the previous year, %11/2021109.56
Consumer price index compared to the december of the previous year , %11/2021106
Core inflation compared to the same month of the previous year, %11/2021106.57
Balance of Payments and International Investment Position
Total Imports (CIF, including humanitarian aid)3/2021363.98
Total Export (FOB)3/2021217.66
Current AccountIII/2020-70.04
Gross international reserves4/20212990.55

DATABANK  is a public database- par​t of a statistical system of the Central Bank of Armenia. The purpose of the database is to create a unified system for presenting time series of aggregated statistical data. The data structure of the Databank is of tree-type disaggregated by the sectors of the economy. Besides, some data types additionally follow groupping based on their target use (i. e. reserve money, CBA NIR, NDA and other relevant data are groupped into Central Bank Survey in addition to the basic format of presentation). Most of the data in the system is those compiled by the CBA. However, data from external sources,e.g. National Statistical Service of Armenia are also included.
Data are updated in accordance with advance release calendar.:
Databank User’s Manual can be found here.:
Data Sources:
National Statistical Service of Armenia - Public Data by NSS


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