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Investment services


  1. Regulation 4/01 “On Registration and Licensing of Investment Companies; Registration of Branches and Representative offices of Investment Companies and Foreign Investment Companies; Procedure for Obtaining Preliminary Consent for Qualifying Holding in Statutory Capital of Investment Companies; Presentment of Business Plan by Investment Companies; and Notice of Provision of Investment Services by Banks and Credit Organizations”
  2. Regulation 4/02 on Main Prudential Standards, Their Limits, Calculation, Composition of Elements in Calculation, the Extent of Breaches of Stated Prudential Standards of Investment Companies
  3. Regulation 4/03 On  “Reports Submitted to the Central Bank by Persons providing Investment services, Procedure, Form and Periods on Their Submission“
  4. Regulation 4/05 on The Qualification of Managers of Persons Providing Investment Services, the Operator and the Central Depositary and Natural Persons Providing Investment Services, Their Professional Compliance Criteria and the List of Topics for Qualification Test  
  5. Regulation 4/06 on Criteria for Certifying as Qualified Investors and Procedure on Registration of Qualified Investors
  6. Regulation 4/07 on Requirements on Investment Services Providers’ Activities
  7. Regulation 4/11 on Requirements for the Entity Implementing Audit of Financial and Economic Activity of Investment Firms
  8. Regulation 4/12 on Rules on the Protection of Customers Funds of Investment Service Providers
  9. Regulation 4/14 “Merger procedure for investment companies”
  10. Regulation 8/03 on Information Publication by Banks, Credit Organizations, Insurance Companies, Insurance Brokers, Investment Companies, Central Depository and Payment and Settlement Organizations Implementing Money Remittances  
  11. Regulation 8/04 on Minimum Conditions and Principles for Internal Rules, Regulating the Procedure of Examination of Complaints/Claims of Customers
  12. Regulation 10/01 on Registration and Licensing of Investment Fund Managers and Branches of Foreign Investment Fund Manager; Registration of Branches of Investment Fund Manager and Representative Offices of Investment Fund Manager and Foreign Investment Fund Manager; Re-Registration and Re-Licensing of Investment Companies as Investment Fund Managers; Acquisition of Qualified Holding in Statutory Fund of Investment Fund Manager; Procedure, Forms and Periods of Submission of Work plans, Reports on their Amendments and Execution by Investment Fund Managers, their Branches and Branches of Foreign Investment Fund Manager
  13. Regulation 10/02 on Prudential Standards of Management Company, Sizes Thereof (Including Minimum Size of Mandatory Holding of Management Company in Each Investment Fund Under Management of Management Company), Minimum Size of Infringement of Prudential Standards, Which are Grounds for Revocation of Licence (Permission) of Management Company
  14. Regulation 10/03 “Reports on Own Funds and Funds Managed by Investment Fund Manager Filed to the Central Bank of Armenia by Investment Fund Manager; Procedure, Terms and Conditions of Reporting; Providing the Central Bank of Armenia with Additional Information on Making Individual Decisions by Investment Fund Manager”
  15. Regulation 10/04 on the Procedure of Calculation of Net Asset Value of Investment Funds 
  16. Regulation 10/05 on Accreditation of Managers of Investment fund Managers and Custodians, Natural Persons Executing Investment Fund Management Activity and Investment Fund Custody Keeping, Criteria For Their Professional Compliance and List of Topics for Assessing their professional qualification 
  17. Regulation 10/06 "Minimum Requirements to Internal Controls and Risk Management Mechanisms for Investment Fund Manager" 
  18. Regulation 10/10 on Investment Limits of Investment Funds
  19. Regulation 10/11 on Terms and Conditions for Registration of Investment Fund (Fund Rules), Issuing Permission to Sell Securities of Foreign Investment Fund in the Republic of Armenia
  20. Regulation 10/13 on “The documents, submitted for getting the prior consent to outsource the functions of the investment fund manager and custodian, the procedure of their submission, the procedure and terms of providing the prior consent”
  21. Regulation 10/14 on Procedure of Calculation of Net Asset Value for Determining Taxable Profit 
  22. Regulation 10/18 on “Procedure for selecting external audit company forinvestment fund and its manager​​"
  23. Regulation 10/22 on “Merger procedure for investment fund managers”​
  24. Regulation 10/23 “Required documents and information for preliminary consent to investment fund manager's self-liquidation and provision of approval for self-liquidation; forms, procedures, frequency and timing of reports to be submitted by liquidation committees (liquidator); information disclosure by liquidation committee (liquidator), procedures and forms thereof”  annexes 
  25. Regulation 10/24 on “Procedures for preliminary consent to transfer offund management to another manager, forms and procedures for submittingdocuments and information for receiving preliminary consent”​ 
  26. Regulation 10/29 “Procedure on Online Registration of Non-Public Contractual Investment Funds”
  27. Regulation 10/31 "Additional Requirements for the Structure and Activities of Investment Fund Custodian
  28. Resolution 1190-N on Determining Quantitative and Foreign Currency Restrictions on Investments in Financial Instruments for Voluntary Pension Fund’s Assets
  29. Resolution 114-N on Approval of Guideline on Acquisition of Qualified or Other Holding in Bank or Holding Position of Manager of a Bank, Acquisition of Qualified Holding in Insurance Company or Holding Position of Manager in Insurance Company or Responsible Official of Insurance Brokerage Company, Acquisition of Qualified Holding in Investment Company, Regulated Market Operator, Central Depository or Holding Position of Mmanager
  30. Resolution 323-N on Defining net assets "Minimum value of investment fund and every subfund"

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