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Credit Activities


  1. Regulation 13 on Procedures on Registration and Licensing of Credit Organizations, Registration and Licensing of Credit Organizations’ Branches and Representative Offices, Approval of Acquisition of Significant Participation in the Statutory Fund of Credit Organizations, Procedure on Qualification Award and Registration of the Managers of Credit Organizations, Business Regulations of Credit Organizations, Requirements on Credit Organizations’ Facilities and the Availability of Equipment
  2. Regulation 14 on "Regulation of Activities of Credit Organizations and Prudential Standards of Credit Organizations"
  3. Regulation 15 “Credit Organization Statements; Reporting and Public Communication of Statements” under a new edition
  4. Regulation 8/01 on Explanations and Examples of the Calculation of Annual Percentage Rate of Charge
  5. Regulation 8/03 on Information Publication by Banks, Credit Organizations, Insurance Companies, Insurance Brokers, Investment Companies, Central Depository and Payment and Settlement Organizations Implementing Money Remittances
  6. Regulation 8/04 on Minimum Conditions and Principles for Internal Rules, Regulating the Procedure of Examination of Complaints/Claims of Customers
  7. Regulation 8/05 Rules of Business Conduct of Financial Institutions”
  8. Regulation 20/01 Rules on Recognition of financial groups and Termination of financial group qualification, Introduction of changes in the financial group composition, Appointment procedures of responsible entities, Types of financial groups 
  9. Regulation 20/02 “On Thresholds of prudential standards for financial groups, Calculation methodology, Elements included in calculation and Schedule of calculation
  10. Regulation 20/03 “On Reports submitted by financial groups to the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia and Terms of their submission
  11. Regulation 20/04 on Minimum requirements on internal control for financial groups 
  12. Regulation 21 on Cash Operations Performed in Credit Organizations Operating in the Republic of Armenia
  13. Resolution 63 on Approval of Procedure on Classification of Loans and Receivables and Creation of Possible Loss Reserves for Banks Operating in the Territory of the Republic of Armenia

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