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On 23-24 October has commenced the “Citizen” project dedicated to financial system
The “Citizen” project is one of the projects designed by “Center for Civic Education”(CCE), which is a component of programs of CIVITAS-international. CCE cooperates with different CIVITAS entities in various countries through its international network to improve  “Citizen” projects to the needs of each country.
In Armenia the project is implemented by “Computerized Data Set-Integrated Set of Information System Users group” NGO  organization. By the support of the Central Bank of Armenia the next stage of  the  “Citizen” project has started in Gavar town, marz of Gegharqunik.  The main goal of the project is to assist pupils in becoming citizens by providing them opportunities to investigate community issues that concern public policy, look for solutions for these problems, be able to chose best ones and develop projects to realize the solutions. 
 This is the first time that the “Citizen” project is dedicated to Financial Sector. Pupils will find problems concerning financial sector in their communities according to the program guidelines and will try to provide solutions to these issues.
The goals of the program are to reinforce the knowledge of teachers on financial and economic issues and develop their teaching skills, improve pupils’ financial and economic knowledge, skills, capacities and participation. The project helps pupils’ develops skills and knowledge that are used in real life, as well as forces pupils to understand the importance of civil participation and be a good citizen.
On 18 October 2010 has started the distribution of the booklets and leaflets on Motor Third Party Liability (MTPL) Insurance published by the Central Bank of Armenia in the whole territory of RA.
On 18 October 2010 has started the distribution of the booklets and leaflets on “MTPL” published by the Central Bank of Armenia in the whole territory of RA.
The booklet and leaflet contain necessary information and useful advices about MTPL
The e-versions of the booklet and leaflet can be found in web-pages.
On 23 October 2010 The first informative TV commercial is transmitted on “MTPL” 
CBA has prepared eight informative TV commercials on MTPL system to reinforce consumer protection and public awareness.
  1. What’s MTPL, Why we need MTPL and for whom it is compulsory
  2. How much should be paid for MTPL and how to sign MTPL contract
  3. What’s MTPL talon and agreed statement
  4. What are reimbursable and non reimbursable damages.
  5. What is the insurance amount and how much it should be
  6. What to do in the case of accident
  7. How to get reinbursement
  8. What’s Bureau and in what cases are reimbursements paid from the  guarantee fund:
Commercials are transmitted on TV. Some commercials on MTPL are also transmitted on Radio. As well as they can be found in web page.

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