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International jury and audience have chosen “Arno Babajanyan-100” as “The Coin of the Year” of 2021 Back

International jury and audience have chosen “Arno Babajanyan-100” as The Coin of the Year” of 2021 

At the 16-th international numismatic contest “Money Constellation-2022” the “Arno Babajanyan-100” silver collector coin issued by the Central Bank of Armenia in 2021, has been awarded in 3 nominations at a time: 

“The Coin of the Year” – the 1-st place

“The Best Artistic Solution” – the 3-rd place

“The Audience Award”.


Designer of the coin is Vardan Vardanyan. 

The obverse of the coin depicts a wedding couple, a treble clef, as well as a stylized rose and a vinyl. 

The reverse of the coin represents Arno Babajanyan’s portrait, stylized images of a vinyl, piano keys, notes and a pen.  

The coin is minted at the Lithuanian Mint in quantity of 500 pcs.​

Arno Babajanyan.jpg 
In total 140 collector coins participated in the contest “Money Constellation 2022”. The coins were presented by 21 companies from 17 countries.

The specialized journal “Zolotoy Chervonets” (N3 (60) 2022) has released the results of the contest.

The more detailed information about the contest can be received from website.

About Arno Babajanyan 


Arno Babajanyan (1921-1983) is a famous Armenian composer, pianist, People’s Artist of the USSR (1970). 

Babajanyan graduated from the Yerevan and the Moscow Conservatories. In 1950-1956 he taught at the Yerevan Conservatory. A celebrated piano virtuoso, Babajanyan was known for performing his own works. A. Khachatryan and S. Rachmaninoff had an influence on formation of Babajanyan’s creative style, which was mostly expressed in his early works: the piano concert (1944) and the violin concert (1949). The works “Vagharshapat Dance”, “Prelude” and “Impromptu” won the first prize at the 1st World Youth and Student Festival in Prague in 1947. The composer’s creative personality was obviously shown in the “Heroic Ballad” (1950) written for the piano and orchestra (USSR State Prize, 1951), then in the piano trio (1952). 

Babajanyan composed in different styles - classical, pop, jazz. He was one of the prominent masters of song in the Soviet era. He wrote many lyrical songs, music for dramatic performances (W. Saroyan’s “My heart’s in the highlands”) and movies (“The first love song”, co-author Gh. Saryan, “On the path of thunder”, “The mechanics of happiness”).

As one of much-loved composers of the Soviet people, Babajanyan holds a special place in the history of Armenian and Soviet music thanks to his unique natural talent, deep sensitivity and musical expression.

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